Batman and The Joker Jewels Mobile Slot Review

batman-and-the-joker-jewelsJoin the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder in their attempt to save the world from the most bizarre villain there is, the Joker. Based on the 1960s TV Show this episode of the dark knight will be somewhat different than we are used to.

Wrapped in a campy comic-book design it sports flashy colours, original characters form the series and comic-style icons, the gadgets of the hero and his arch nemesis.

The bouncy soundtrack reminiscent of the one from the series will definitely take you back to the previous century, while the vibrant and sharp graphics brilliantly depict the retro style. Still, what truly makes this 5 reel 25 payline progressive slot special are definitely 4 DC Super Heroes jackpots. So let’s see how you can get one of these.


Playtech is a well-known online gaming software developing company that has existed since 1999. Based on the Isle of Man it is listed on London Stock Exchange. Thanks to their professional approach and constant development of new solutions Playtech are one of the most trusted names and leaders of the industry.

Their slots feature top notch graphics and imaginative themes. Batman and The Joker Jewels was released with Batman and Catwoman Cash as the first two progressive slots in the DC comic-branded slots series.

How to Play It

The controls board is as simple as it is colourful. All you need to do is set your bet size starting from $0.25 and you are ready to start chasing that laughing jester.

Our beloved dark hero and his ludicrous enemy will take any chance to cross their gimmicks. The Joker will use the false teeth toy and the toy gun with the flag, while Batman never goes out without his belt or blade.

The game features two Wild symbols: one depicted as famous Batman logo and the other one is Joker’s trademark smile. Both of these symbols can replace any standard symbol in the game and at the same time they are the highest paying symbols, offering a prize of 2,500 coins for five of a kind.

It seems that the players will have most benefit from this fight. Naturally, Gotham’s vigilante is the highest paying of the regular symbols. He will reward you with 500 coins for five of a kind, while the Joker slightly falls behind with 300 coins and the teenage Robin will pay 200 for five matching pictures.

The Bonus sign is written in the comic-book style of such phrases as “KAPPOW” or “BAM” and same as in the show, it signals the highlight of the story. In the slot it appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 and it can activate the Free Spins round.

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Special Features

When it comes to special features we must note one thing. The Joker might not be such a bad guy as everybody thinks. Actually, in this progressive spinner Joker will be more generous than the Batman as it appears randomly to add up to nine Joker Random Wilds to the reels.

Perhaps it is one of his practical jokes but even so, it will help you make winning combinations. The main clash between the good and evil will occur when you land three green bonus signs on the first, the third and the fifth reel, because that is how you activate Batman vs Joker Free Spins.

The Free Spins come enhanced with a Bat-Tastic multiplier meter that starts from 1x, which is the middle of the meter and then moves to Batman’s or Joker’s side. Both sides have a 2x and 3x multiplier, but you can add 5x multiplier to only one of the sides. Just pick one of the characters before the free play starts.

During the free play you will see a two-sided Wild that will reveal an arrow each time it appears and move the multiplier left or right. You get an unlimited number of spins, that is, until you reach either end of the Bat-Tastic meter.

All of these features are just an intro to warm you up before the main attraction that holds even four progressive jackpots. Jackpot screen can be triggered randomly on any spin and it will show a field of 20 tiles that you are supposed to click and reveal the colour.

Depending on the colour you stand to win: Mini, Minor, Major and Grand jackpot. The task is to match the colours of the fields but don’t worry even if you don’t manage to do that, the slot will do it for you and award a jackpot. So basically you cannot lose once you have activated the jackpot screen.

Maximum Payout

DC Super Heroes Jackpots promise a reward of over $1,000,000 which sounds amazing but hard to get. Bear in mind that the more you bet the more chances there are to hit the jackpot so make the best use of wide bet range between $0.25 and $2,500.

Until the lucky star smiles at you, try making the best of the Wilds that pay 2,500 credits for five of a kind or the unlimited number of Free Spins that holds a 5x multiplier in store.


This is an upbeat and cheerful version of dark fighter for justice in Gotham City. In keeping with the mood, the features also occur pretty frequently, so expect to see Jester of the Jackanapes quite often with his Wild smiles all over the reels.

The main prize will definitely be staggering jackpots, but even if you don’t manage to get close to that life-changing prize, there is a chance to boost your balance with unlimited Free Spins. We simply don’t see how anyone can lose with Batman and The Joker Jewels.

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