Depositing With ClickAndBuy

Depositing With ClickAndBuy

cab_logo_shops_180x112px_Claim_13We all know about online and mobile casino as well as aware of the fact that the word casino itself invokes a sense, feeling and excitement to earn some extra cash. And the use of any online mobile casino or online casino largely depends upon the fact that how much cash it can offer the players with a large and wide range of money spinning casino games in a safe, secured and authenticated method with a very very low chance of being scammed or of no chance.

There are various mode and methods which the online casino gaming sites and mobile casinos uses to help to offer the casino players deposit and withdraw funds in relation to the online casino/gambling games they plays. Click and buy is a worldwide payment company to operate electronically and was established in the year 1999. It is a part of a Cologne, Germany based conglomerate First gate Internet AG. Later, as a part of the company’s expansion and diversification plans shifted its base to London, UK to operate in the UK market and gradually became one of the integral and important part of the secured electronic payment system of the online and mobile casinos.

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Features of ClickAndBuy:

~At present, Click and buy have more than 13 million loyal and satisfied customers using their online electronic payment system.

~Through their online payment systems electronically, click and Buy facilitates the payment through linking the players debit and credit cards with the poker or other casino gaming rooms online.

~While financial transactions take place click and buy guards/shields your personal financial and banking information thus securing and protecting your online transaction.

~Click and Buy is approved and used by more than 7000 merchants worldwide and more than 26 countries. It is considered as one of the most trusted and safest of its kind.

~Some of the system’s unique features include a checking system barring a player’s over spending on financial funds available, offers extra 10% discount on your first deposit with them and offers the players a one-time free registration offer, funding for click and buy is available via PayPal, prepaid, debit and credit accounts.

~Click and buy transactions requires only few minutes and a client can process a transaction amounting to 7000 Euros without presenting identification proof and prefunding of the player’s account is not necessary. One can simply click directly on the app to initiate transaction without even visiting the website first. In fact, the casino players can choose their preferential mode payment. Most of them uses credit a mode of depositing funds while others uses savings or checking accounts to avail the deposits with Click and Buy.


Click and buy deposits affiliates several online casinos and mobile casinos. Even the mobile apps also offer the players to deposit funds directly through the affiliated casino apps without hassle and visiting the website of click and buy or the casino itself. Now, let’s discuss the various advantages of deposits with Click and Buy. Ideally, Click and Buy is considered as one of the most preferred, trusted, safe, secure and authentic electronic online payment used mostly for deposits by the mobile and online casino players.

Another biggest advantage is as the name suggests, click and buy, you can deposit your fund directly from your account without having pre-funded account with literally just with one click in a very fast manner accompanied with a very less processing times. Available multimodal operating mode in more than 26 languages and in 26 countries across the globe and still increasing. Click and buy is definitely a reliable partner in depositing funds in relation to the casino gaming concept.

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