NextGen Gaming Platform

nextgen-gaming NextGen, along with MicroGaming, is one of the master gaming programmers for online casino sites and casino apps. One distinctive feature of NextGen is that it delivers content that is independent for the casino sites and mobile sites. The most popular games that NextGen makes for its customers, casino sites, is slot games because they are favored the most by casino players. The programmers that create the gaming systems for NextGen are some of the best in the world and have been professional gamers and gamblers for at least ten years or more. The programmers of NextGen bring their years of experience and expertise to create some of the best slot games out there for casino sites and casino mobile sites.

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Here are a few ways that NextGen gaming programming stands out from the competition:

  • Their programmers have more than ten years of experience creating online games for casino sites and other gaming sites.
  • The programmers are professional gamblers and casino players as well.
  • NextGen creates a partnership with the casino when creating their online casino site and mobile apps. The customers play a vital role in the creation of all their games for their casino sites and mobile sites.
  • The employees of NextGen know what the casino player likes and wants because they play casino games themselves.
  • NextGen ensures that their customers’ games are protected by ensuring that the games   are copyright and patented.
  • They have a huge catalogue of casino games they have created and programmed for various online casino sites.
  • The NextGen outstanding performance of each game speaks for itself.
  • The casino games programmed and created by NextGen outperform other games and have longevity.

Here are a few of the exceptional casino games that have been created by NextGen for online casino sites and their mobile site companions:

  • Medusa II: This is the second installment of this very popular slot game that includes mythological characters like Medusa and Zeus.
  • Judge Dredd: Is a slot game based on the comic character Judge Dredd and one of the most interactive slot games to play.
  • Foxin Slot Game: This slot game allows you to act like the famous spy James Bond, but you are agent Fox Sport, and your mission is to play Roulette around the world in famous casinos to solve major crimes.
  • Pizza Prize: In this slot game, the gorilla has escaped from the zoo and you have to capture him.
  • Million Hill Slot Game: This slot game ensures that the player can win up to million dollars.
  • Easy Slider Slot Game: This slot game is based on motorcycle races and have the chance to win over $500,000.

Some of the awards that NextGen has won over the years for its casino games are as follows:

  • Has received positive reviews from over 150,000 casino gamers out there.
  • Received special awards at the 2014 eGR B2B Awards.
  • NextGen is known as one of the most recognized casino gaming programmers out there.
  • NextGen games have interactive features that has not be duplicated by any other gaming programmers.
  • The only known competitor of NextGen is MicroGaming, but NextGen works with their customers with creating games for their casino online sites and mobile casino sites.
  • The gamers at NextGen make it their mission and main purpose to learn and know the latest advances in the technology of creating gaming systems.

When it comes to NexGen, they ensure that their programmers are up to date with the latest technology and trends in the gaming world. NextGen is the next great platform for creating and programming of casino games.

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