Check Out Brand New Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot by Microgaming

Pioneers in the gaming industry Microgaming have announced their latest title Jungle Jim El Dorado which is arguably one of the more exciting games you will encounter this summer.

Themed around an Indiana Jones styled character called Jungle Jim, this exciting video slot follows Jim’s adventures into the wild jungles of South America in search of the long lost city El Dorado. This 5-reel, 25-payline video slot is rewarding game with plenty of enticing features both in main game and bonus round.

You will be able to claim 5x and up to 15x multiplier if you get fortunate enough. Jungle Jim El Dorado is a perfect game for all of you thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies so do not hesitate to hit that spin button.

What We Love

You might call us suckers for adventure and as cheesy as this theme might look to some of you, we simply can’t resist a good escapade into the wild. Explorers within crave for this kind of a thrill as lost gold bears more than wealth to it. But no, we are not talking about fame, we are simply down to a thrill, adrenaline and the fact that we could be the ones to find something that has been lost long ago.

We do not mean to state the obvious, but Jungle Jim El Dorado features excellent graphics and that is a fact you cannot deny. Neat and impeccable visuals are a plus to every cleverly designed game and Jim can only benefit from attention to details from its creators.

This great video game features plenty of action both in main game and bonus mode as there are great multipliers at offer that could potentially have you pocket whopping $92,000 for a $25 worth investment.


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What We Do Not Like

Microgaming has put an innovative to their games by adopting the Rolling Reels system. Basically, every time you land a win, winning symbols disappear from the reels and new ones arrive in their place. It is a clever new rendering on the re-spin feature, but there is a downsize to it.

The problem is that other symbols stay unlike with re-spins when all of the symbols make way for new ones. With Rolling Reels your chances of landing another win can be a bit limited and down to luck whose odds are significantly low in this fight against sheer stats.

Multiplier Trail is another great aspect to this game, but it depends on consecutive wins which are hard to get due to those Rolling Reels. It can be quite frustrating to see that trail being snapped every time you fail to notch wins in a row.

Worth Playing?

Despite those little shortcomings, this latest title from Microgaming is great fun and it gets our warm recommendation. We urge every one of you to give it a go at least for the kick of it as you never know what kind of adventure is there in store for you.

The game is pretty affordable and it will provide you with great value for your time and money. Jungle Jim is available on all devices and platforms so you will be able to enjoy it on the go as well.

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