Please the Gods to Unlock New Levels in Cleopatra Plus

cleopatra-plusIGT decided to test their luck and create a new and improved version of their famous Cleopatra slot called Cleopatra Plus.

Even though the teaser that can be found on You Tube looks promising enough, time will tell whether this was a good decision, but we will definitely be there to test the latest IGT title once it is released.

This five-reel slot will offer 40 fixed paylines and up to eight different levels during gameplay. Once again you will be assisted with the most beautiful of pharaohs, the famous Cleopatra that will also present a multiplier Wild.

If you succeed in pleasing the ancient Gods of Egypt, you will be given a chance to discover the lost treasures of Alexandria, Nile Valley and the Pyramids, so try to gather as much followers as you can to unlock many rewarding bonus rounds.

What We Love

We were pleased to see that IGT once again did a very good job concerning the visuals of the slot, with colourful symbols and decent graphics. The soundtrack completely follows the theme and raises the atmosphere during gameplay.

We love the fact that the more you play, the bigger the prizes you get, due to the Level Up feature. Simply gather the Followers Scatters and improve the level of the game, unlock new maps with more rewarding bonus wins, multipliers and free spins.

cleopatra plus slot screenshot big

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We also like the Bonus Round, triggered by three or more Scatter symbols, because it eventually offers three different maps with many rewarding features. If you are lucky enough to reach level 7 and unlock the Pyramids of Giza map, you will be offered with the maximum possible awards.

Cleopatra Wild is also an interesting addition since, apart from being the highest paying symbol offering 1,500 coins for the maximum combo, it is also a multiplier Wild that will double your winnings when being a part of the winning combination.

What We Do Not Like

We are afraid that gamers with thinner wallets will not be able to afford Cleopatra Plus slot, given the fact that betting starts from $40. It will take much time and money to gather enough followers and unlock the more rewarding bonuses on the upper levels, which could prove to be too big of a sacrifice for a number of gamers out there.

Gathering followers to level up the game will definitely not be cheap, because the Gods of Egypt will demand from you to lose big before you start winning big, so you will have to arm yourself with patience and a decent balance before you decide to try out the 2016 release.

Worth Playing?

When talking about gameplay experience, we were more than satisfied with what Cleopatra Pus slot has to offer, especially when talking about the Level Up feature and the Bonus Round, with all the different maps, multipliers, instant cash wins and possible free spins.

However, we were a bit disappointed with the minimum bet of $40, making it unaffordable for those players who like playing for fun. Even so, if you are ready to spend a lot, you will get the chance to earn a lot, thanks to a range of possible lucrative payouts in higher levels of the game.

So, if you are prepared to please the Gods of ancient Egypt, you will be lucratively rewarded for your sacrifice, with the help of the beautiful Cleopatra.

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