The Link Mobile Slot Review

the-linkGamevy uses the old game of noughts and crosses to set up a new minimalistic video slot with a sci-fi feel. Playable across all devices The Link comes in stunning HD graphics sending the 3D geometric shapes into space.

The immersive soundtrack gives a hint of all the mysteries of the universe and builds the excitement of the game. Unfortunately this is where the excitement ends, as the game is as simple as its predecessor.

In addition to the cross and the circle, you will see shapes of diamond, square and triangle spinning against the star-filled cosmos in a 3×3 layout with 8 paying lines.

Interestingly, The Link holds no special features, but the standard symbols pay quite nicely. We will see if it is enough to make up for the lack of a bonus game.


Gamevy have caught everyone’s attention with their real-money games combining casino games and game-shows.

After winning the “Game to Watch” Award at ICE 2016, they have teamed up with Microgaming to provide Gamevy’s content on famous Quickfire platform. They have recently started developing slot games and judging by The Link they have a lot to learn.

How to Play It

It seems that the whole point of this slot is in its simplicity and minimalism, so there is no need to say that the game functions on a pretty basic level. This is where we appreciate the simple approach, as the last thing we like to see is an overcomplicated control board.

To play The Link you only have to set your bet from $1 to $10 and hit the spin button. If you prefer the machine to do a man’s work, then hold the spin button for Autospin option and choose from 25, 50 or 100 automatic spins.
The rest can be done with your eyes closed.

Once you hit the spin button, the colourful geometric shapes will spin and stop to form three-of-a-kind combos horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Much like in noughts and crosses the three symbols will crossed with a line to mark the winning combination. There are 8 possible positions on the grid, that is, 8 paylines.

We found it surprising that the base game symbols paid quite generously for three of a kind. The diamond pays 5,000x your stake, followed by the square that pays 4,000x.

Slightly lower on the payouts table you will find the triangle paying 3,000x times your stake, circle paying 2,000x and cross paying 1,000x your stake for three matching symbols. These numbers apply for 8 full paying lines.

Next to the diamond there is another symbol that pays 5,000x your stake. That is the yellow star, which is, in fact, the game’s Wild symbol. Typically, the Wild will stand for any standard symbol if needed to form a winning combination. You will know that the star fulfilled its role when two other symbols turn yellow.

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Special Features

We weren’t joking when we said that there are no special features in this slot. The Link is absolutely stripped of any option that might increase your chances of a payout or even offer some additional prize that will make it worth spinning geometric shapes floating in space.

The only thing that can help you out in this slot is the Wild icon in the form of a star that will jump in every time you need the third symbol to make a combo across 8 paylines.

We are aware that Gamevy are new to slots but why they launched this slot without any special attraction is beyond us. Even if you consider the high payouts of the symbols, that goes only if you manage to land them across all 8 reels and that is definitely not going to happen often.

Maximum Payout

In theory The Link holds a decent paying potential, that is, the top-paying symbols will return your stake 5,000 times (if found on 8 full paylines) which means that with the maximum bet of $10 you stand to win $50,000.

On the other hand, the return to player is 93% which is much lower than most slots out there.


Gamevy have managed to deliver a visually attractive game that could compete with the best developers on the market. Unfortunately they failed at doing the same in the game play department. The Link gives away the impression of an unfinished slot that definitely lacks a feature or two.

There is simply nothing in this game to keep you playing. Surely, the symbols can pay up to 5,000x your bet, but that will happen only if you manage to fill all eight reels. Otherwise, we don’t see many players paying $1 to play noughts and crosses.

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