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Colourful kittens are always a fun sight to see. As such, it’s easy to see NetEnt still knows how to make things easy on the eyes and hook us in. Copy Cats is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot, and the special feature is right there in the name. Namely, when the right conditions are met, the little kittens can switch over into one another.

You have the red, pink, blue and golden kitty cat. And to spice things up, one of them is a Wild, which theoretically means that a reel full of Wilds is a higher possibility than in most other places.

That said, it should be noted that it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The paytable is hardly anything to drool over, and the game seems optimised for a rather low win, low loss kind of scenario, making it yet another low variance title.

Beyond the copying kittens, you can also find a free spins bonus. Activated by the little bell on a collar, you need three of them to appear in the first, third and fifth reel, which will reward ten free spins.While it doesn’t reward any cash, this Scatter can be retriggered, so if you manage to score another three in the same spot as before, additional ten extra turns are awarded on top of ones you had already.


It feels like NetEnt has been around forever. In reality, they were founded in 1996, so it’s almost as good as forever. They’re one of the oldest names among the online slots developers who are still actively producing new games to this day.

They certainly don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. They celebrated their 20 years anniversary last year, and have over a thousand employees world wide, and have a partnership with over 170 online casino operators. Tough to beat those numbers!

How to play it

So, how does it look? Like it’s worth a million bucks! Kitty treats of different colours, fish bones, jugs of milk, toy mice, and, of course, our four colourful cats all look adorable. It’s clear to say that NetEnt have knocked it out of the park with this one as far as graphics go. If you’re a cat lover, there’s no way this slot won’t win you over.

Gameplay wise, it’s good to remember that, as any low variance game goes, you should come into it with realistic expectations. This particular brand of low variance is one that replicates the gameplay of high variance.

Dead spins, money dropping off, before scoring a ‘big’ win to bring it back and potentially even go higher than normal. There’s no doubt that there could have been a rather high maximum score if NetEnt gave it a chance. But thanks to how the paytable is structured, you won’t be walking home with any life-changing wins, even with a full reel of Wilds.

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Special Features

There are two bonuses in play that make Copy Cats as fun as it is. The first of which are the actual cats. The first reel is usually deprived of cats for the most part, unless they appear stacked across the entirety of the reel, at which point all other cat symbols across the playing field are transformed into that particular cat. As an example, if the first reel is all red cats, all other cat icons turn into red cats, which usually guarantees a rather sizeable win.

The other, and all the more rarer, is the free spins special feature. It seems the focus was mostly aimed at making the cat bonus appear more often, which in turn means the extra turns don’t appear as often. It’s difficult to really determine, and it seems far more up to chance than the first bonus, as we’ve had both big wins and really bad wins when this special feature came up.

Maximum Payouts

So, if you’re looking to squeeze out the big scores, it comes as no surprise for you to hear that the special features are about the only way to do it. We’ve never managed to break past x15 our win on normal spins, and even with bonuses active, that number doesn’t really get much higher. If you’re looking to play something with an awesome maximum win, you might want to give that a try.


In fact, that’s a good way we’d describe this slot to others. It’s not bad, but there are better things you could be spending your money on. The special feature is interesting enough, but others have done similar things, and with much better results. It’s decent, overall, and there’s definite polish and care put into it, but the end result leaves a little bit to be desired.

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