Try Fruits Vs Candy Mobile Slot Free


fruit-vs-candyFruit vs Candy takes two very common themes in the slot machine industry, the candy and the fruits, and it combines them into a single game. You don’t actually get to see them combined, the game instead choosing to have two different game modes, one for each theme.

There will be candy inspired symbols for the Candy mode, while the Fruit mode will get fruits obviously. Both hard and soft candy is used for the Candy version. The Fruit spins will give you cherries, berries, oranges, lemons and kiwi. In both cases, low paying symbols are going to show up as Royals. The logo of the game is also used here.

The design is properly done, with modern symbols that almost make those fruits look good, even though you find them in so many slot machines. The choice of theme is not great though, and it’s hard to be inspired by it.


Microgaming was established at the start of the online casino industry, and they claim to have been the first to launch software for these gaming sites. They did this back in 1996, so there have already been more than 20 years since then.

They certainly had enough time to gather experience in this field, and they did a great job at creating a huge portfolio of slot machines. Right now, they have over 500 games for this category of casino titles alone, with about 400+ available directly from your browser.

How To Play It

When you’re picking the number of coins to use, or the coin size, you should know that there will also be a fixed minimum bet, since this game has 243 ways to win and not regular lines. You can pick the level of the bet though, with up to 10 coins usable for each virtual line, and also the value of the coins. The minimum coin size is going to be set to $0.01.

You’re probably going to get the equivalent of a mobile optimized game here, so most of the betting options and the paytable will be hidden behind a separate button. The game will have a button that will let you switch from Candy to Fruit mode, as you want to.

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Special Features

Fruit vs Candy is going to deliver two different game modes that you will be able to play in. Each mode will have its own high paying symbols and its own extra feature during the free spins.

The payouts, the low paying poker cards and some of the other features are going to be identical for both though. You have to choose whether you want to play in the Fruit or the Candy mode right at the beginning, before the game’s reels load up.

The feature that both modes will get will be the wild symbol, using the Fruit vs Candy logo to represent it. It will be a symbol that will come in handy a lot of times, being the perfect replacement for a symbol that you don’t have, since you can use it in the same way, as part of a winning combination. You just need that symbol appearing in the right position to be of some use to you.

The free spins are activated with the scatter symbol’s help. You get free spins with a Cash Stash feature if you’ve picked the Fruit Mode, while for Candy Mode you get the free spins with the Sweet Reel Feature. Cash Stash will remove low paying symbols from the reels as they form combinations, while Sweet Reel has stacked wilds to give you.

Maximum Payouts

The top combination, of five wild symbols, can deliver a prize of 300x. Keep in mind, you can get stacks of wilds in certain free spins.


Fruit vs Candy is not a totally original game, despite the action that you’re getting inside. The idea was used before, but I have to admit that it is interesting. Too bad it uses fruits and candy for its two themes.

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