Betsoft Just Launched Frankenslot’s Monster Mobile Slot

Frankenslot's Monster slot logoFrankenslot’s Monster is a 3D slot developed by Betsoft, a software provider recognised for the creation of top-notch slots with innovative features and a 3D appearance. The game is an adventure taking you to the Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s laboratory where he is trying to enter the life into the Monster he created out of different parts of human bodies.

Played at five reels with 20 fixed paylines, the game provides high quality animations as if it is a cartoon and not a slot machine. The gloomy atmosphere of the game is fulfilled with a spooky soundtrack accompanied by some humorous elements. Despite the theme based on the horror story, it is primarily a highly entertaining game.

What We Love

If we have to single out one thing which is unparalleled in the market, we would say that the visuals are flawless. However, the list of the good aspects of the game does not end here. Once you start triggering the bonus features you will see that they are cleverly designed with a lot of taste. Whether you are involved in sending electric shocks to the Monster by pulling the lever or the unleashed Monster electrifies your reels and turns random symbols into Wilds, you will surely enjoy it, especially the payouts the special features result in.

You can earn up to 25x total bet during the bonus round while free spins can bolster your winning chances a lot as the Monster turns up to three random symbols into Wilds per spin. During free spins you can easily hit the jackpot as regular Wilds land on the reels regardless of the Monster’s activities. Another great thing in the game is the way the Doctor and his Monster support you on your way to payouts as they watch the game
attentively and clap their hands as long as you win.

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What We Do Not Like

The way the bet is displayed bothers us to a certain extent as you cannot see your wager in actual money but in coins. No matter how the soundtrack is entertaining, if you play long enough it can get a bit annoying and boring. Symbols that deliver high rewards are rarely seen on the reels and you have to wager for a while in order to hit a winning combination including some of them. Your winning combinations will be mostly completed with low paying symbols which will not result in significant increase of your balance.

Worth Playing?

With a wide betting range, the game is affordable for all kinds of players which is the most important thing when it comes to gambling. If you belong to the group of people paying attention to the visuals and the overall appearance of the game, you should look no more as this is among the best looking slot machines we have ever seen. Of course, providing you are into horror stuff.

However, if you opt for this game you will surely enjoy a thrilling and rewarding experience and you may even use the gamble option to try and double your winnings. Be careful with this one, as you may lose all everything have earned on that particular spin.

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