Grab Some Popcorn and Enjoy the Silent Movie Slot by IGT

silent-movie-slot-logoIGT stepped out of everybody’s comfort zone to create a thrilling black and white video slot called Silent Movie. As the title itself suggests, this game is dealing with the gilded times of film industry and an era of movie innocence, which is so rare to encounter these days.

Situated inside of a vintage theater, Silent Movie is a 5-reel, 30-payline game packed with rewarding features, Free Spins, Wilds, Scatters and up to 10x Multipliers that will add an extra value to time and money you spend on playing with this latest IGT’s title.


What We Love

What you won’t initially notice is that this is an extremely rewarding game. Silent Movie is a video slot consisting of just one special feature, but the Free Spin bonus is actually a 4-mode game with four different classic movies in the center of attention.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, A Trip to the Moon, A Muddy Romance and Keystone Kops offer great fun and even greater rewards with up to 250 free spins in total and up to 10x multiplier that are enough of incentives for all of those who are undecided on this brilliant title.

As for the obvious things that hit you before you even press the Spin button, Silent Movie is a wonderfully appealing game. Colours can offer unconscious incentive, but IGT’s black and white screenplay is something new and brave, which can be soothing and relaxing to your eyes.

Game’s creators threw in some coloring as tickets symbols are presented in colour with a simple task of nailing your attention to potential bonus wins.

Generally speaking, the topic is well thought of, well presented and distributed, so we think that you will enjoy in this game much like we did.

silent movie slot screenshot big

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What We Do Not Like

There are two biggest talking points with this generally pretty exciting video slot. However, no one and nothing is perfect, so here we go with negatives sides to the Silent Movie video slot.

IGT have produced an exhilarating game, but unfortunately, not many players will be able to afford it. Starting from the high $30 as the lowest possible bet, Silent Movie goes all the way to $3,000 as the maximum bet for the coin level of 100.

It is rather too much, and it is fair to deduce that Silent Movie has been made exclusively for high rollers and deep-pocket players who do not have to worry about their budget. Others will, sadly, have to keep an eye on their bankroll if they can afford to have a spin or two in the first place.

Another main focus point is the game’s dynamics. Despite exciting 4-way bonus game that will get you through famous titles of the silent movie era, base game is surprisingly uneventful. Endless spins of low wins could be pretty tiring before you actually manage to trigger the bonus round.

Worth Playing?

You should definitely try the Silent Movie by IGT, that is if you can afford it. A refreshing title, a new idea, cleverly designed bonus round, Free Spins and rewarding multipliers make Silent Movie a quite fun game to play with.

A 1,000x jackpot available makes it even more enticing and we have no doubts that plenty of people, who can afford $30 to enter the game, will be satisfied with what they’ve got from the IGT’s latest title.

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