Meet New King of The Jungle in King Kong Cash by Blueprint

king-kong-cash-html-2x2-90a0a6c1King Kong is back and he sure has got some surprises for you! The big gorilla is back to take over the jungle and make it his own personal playground.

Truth to be told, he will spend most of the time sleeping in his armchair but when he wakes up, he will be more than generous to you.

The new game from Blueprint sports a variety of different features including Free Spins, Multipliers, platform games, upgraded symbols and much more.

The game will definitely engross you as you will wish to try out every single of nine available features.

The gorilla is there to help you out and amuse you with his funny exclamations and gestures. So let’s step into the jungle.

What We Love

Don’t even bother to look at all of the options available in this game as they will make your head spin and only confuse you. Instead we recommend that you just start playing as the game with all of its features is pretty intuitive.

The first thing that we noticed is that even though Kong seems sound asleep he wakes up quite often to award a random bonus or two. He performs this by throwing different kinds of props on the reels or simply smashing the reels with a big mallet. Well, what did you expect from King Kong?

When you disregard his crudeness you will find that he adds extra wilds by shooting bananas, or top paying symbols when he throws barrels.


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He also helps you continue a winning streak by locking the winning symbols and adding more of them and finally the big ape increases your chances of hitting the King Kong Bonus by adding more bonus symbols. This is enough to adore this hairy fellow.

The highlight of the game is definitely the King Kong Bonus which brings even five games to benefit from. If your bonus game ladder stops on King Kong Trail you will be taken to a trail where you go step by step to find multipliers or if you are lucky Big Money Bonus.

The Barrel Blast can earn you up to 10x multiplier if you find three matching symbols inside the barrels.

Empire Free Spins offer you a chance to extend your free play by collecting golden monkeys while Golden Kong Free Spins give you the opportunity to collect the Wilds and then use them for creating multiple winning combinations. Finally, Big Money Bonus will bring you the top prize through multipliers hidden inside the barrels.

If you wish to go straight to the Big Money Bonus or your favourite bonus game it won’t be possible, but you can use the Gamble feature which gives you the opportunity to switch your given round for another one.

What We Do Not Like

We don’t mean to sound fussy, but sometimes including many different bonus games can be counterproductive. In this case it looks a bit confusing at times and also at some point we lost interest in the game because there are too many features that bring additional reel sets, so you basically play five slots in one.

Worth Playing?

Having in mind that King Kong Cash offers even five different bonus games, as well as random in-play features, it is a rewarding game that will definitely pay off.

However, if you like your spinners simple and traditional, then perhaps you should skip this one, as it tends to overcomplicate the bonus games. Nevertheless, we believe that King Kong Cash could pay nicely and therefore it is worth playing.

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