Is There Something Missing in The Link by Gamevy?

the-linkThe Link is another futuristic slot stripped down to the basics that relies on the new-age appeal and the journey to space as an ever intriguing subject.

In the midst of the deep dark universe you will see the simplest game of all. Taking the 3×3 layout and the symbols of cross and circle The Link resembles the old game of Tic Tac Toe.

Actually it only adds geometric shapes of diamond, square and triangle plus one star as a Wild.

Don’t expect anything else, because you will find no Scatters, Free Spins, multipliers or any other features. What you see is what you get when it comes to The Link slot.


What We Love

One thing that this slot can boost is definitely the design that comes in crystal clear HD graphics, so colourful and vibrant that it is a real pleasure to look at. The 3D symbols spin around their orbit when they form a winning combination adding to the overall visual impression.

Gamevy is new in the slot business but they seem to know exactly how important the design is. Kudos to their graphic designers.


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Another thing we like is definitely the payouts table. The base game symbols pay quite a lot for three matching symbols. Actually, diamond and the star pay 5,000x your bet if you manage to hit them on 8 full reels. The square on eight full reels pays 4,000 credits, while the triangle will pay 3,000 credits on eight full reels.

The last two symbols on the payouts list are the circle and the cross, paying 2,000 and 1,000 credits which is not bad either.

Also, we liked the simplicity of the menu. It only offers the option to set your bet and choose Autospin option. It is refreshing not having to set all those bet levels and coin values for once.

What We Do Not Like

We cannot emphasise enough how surprised we were to see that there are no bonus games in this slot. It is not a matter of whether the features are good or bad. This slot simply does not have any features.

The only thing that even remotely reminds of a special feature is the Wild symbol, but it is as typical as in any other slot. It does not come stacked or with multipliers, it only substitutes for base game symbols. Gamevy should check their understanding of slot games before they go and release another one of these.

Another downside is that it comes slightly expensive at $1. Some of the best slots out there are playable from as little as $0.20.

Worth Playing?

The Link was obviously aimed at fans of minimalistic slots and basic functionality. Still, even the basic slots need to provide some entertainment, be it through dynamic theme or at least one special feature. The Link has neither.

If you choose to invest your money in this slot, you will end up playing Tic Tac Toe and waiting for the yellow star to come and bring a penny or two. Our advice would be to save the money for some other slot. If you really like spacey themes, try Thunderkick’s Spectra.

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