Try to Earn a Fortune with Empire Fortune

empire-fortune-slot-logoAfter five long months, we will finally have the chance to check out the latest release from Yggdrasil Gaming.

Originally, the company from Malta scheduled the release date for May, but for some reason, we had to wait until fall to have a go at Empire Fortune. Believe us when we say, it was worth a wait.

The five-reel slot with 20 fixed paylines offers loads of free spins, multipliers, instant cash prizes, mystery wins and, on top of it all, three different progressive jackpots, with sums so high they could turn you into a proper king with a treasure room of your own.

Everything about this slot screams rich, which is why the visuals and the soundtrack couldn’t possibly be any different. We truly believe you will enjoy this royal experience from the moment you start spinning the reels.

What We Love

We fear we will start sounding like a broken record since we always lavish praise on Yggdrasil products when talking about the visuals, but we simply have to give them a strong pat on the back for the incredible job they did once again.

Crisp graphics and excellent animations really made us feel as if we were in the treasure room and we almost felt the treasure in our hands, while the rich soundtrack fitted the theme perfectly.

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We love the fact that Empire Fortune offers so much to gamers when talking about winning possibilities. There aren’t many slots out there that will hold your two non-winning Scatters for the next spin, just to make it easier for you to trigger one of the special features.

Free Spins offer up to 30 freebies with a maximum possible multiplier set at 10x, and we have to say we were generously rewarded once we landed four Joker Scatters, because we won 20 freebies that came with a 4x multiplier, landing thousands of coins on our balance.

Our personal favourite is the Jackpot Wheel, because sky is the limit when it comes to prizes. This Bonus round is set on a Faberge Egg and looks like a three-tier cake, which actually represents three different levels.

Apart from offering three different progressive jackpots, you can also win loads of freebies, additional multipliers, instant cash prizes, mystery wins and something that is called Fireworks feature, which is, in our opinion, a cherry on top of the cake, since once you launch the rockets you win at Fireworks, there is no telling where they will land, since they can even end up on the Empire Jackpot, worth more than $2,000,000 at the time.

What We Do Not Like

Maybe for the first time in our career it took us a bit to actually think what would we put in this section, because there isn’t a single thing regarding the 2016 release that we did not like! We even liked the way Yggdrasil incorporated card suits in the slot, even though we hate to see them in our games.

Of course, some will say that Free Spins and Jackpot Wheel are not triggered that easily, or that the damn Hold feature only prolongs the inevitable and does not actually help, but, if you want to split hairs, you can always find something negative in every game.

Worth Playing?

Definitely worth playing and we would advise every gamer in the world to try out the Empire Fortune slot, because, they just might land some royal prizes through many freebies and multipliers offered, instant prizes, or by hitting one of three progressive jackpots that can reward you with some life-changing wins.

As we already have pointed out, this Yggdrasil product has it all, from polished graphics, excellent animations, matching soundtrack, to entertaining and rewarding special features.

The wide betting range makes it affordable both to penny punters and high rollers, and it seems Yggdrasil Gaming thought of everything when creating this slot. Maybe that is why it took them five months longer to release the game.

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