Get Ready to Blast Off on Your Very Own Starquest!

starquest-slot-logoThe Newest BigTime Gaming release is upon us once again, and they bring us a space-themed slot with which to explore a vast, wide universe.

The slot brings six-reels and a varying amount of icons in each reel, fitted above a gorgeous backdrop of a far-away exotic looking planet, and a night’s sky filled with far-away stars while small particle effects slowly move around you.

But while the game offers plenty of eye candy, the real attraction here is the Megaways system that offers whopping 117,649 ways to bring home the bacon.

There’s plenty of love about the slot, so keep reading on.

What We Love

BigTime Gaming has never really settled for doing things the old fashioned way, preferring to experiment and find what works for them, and the Megaways system proves that fiddling around can bring you plenty of good things if you know what you’re up to.

With six reels and a wide variety of ways to win, Starquest feels like a breath of fresh air. If you’re looking for something new and different, it will be a blast to play.


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The graphics design for this game is top-notch. We absolutely love the background of the slot, as it’s brimming with that tease of outer space and what lies beyond.

The large planet that you’ve just left, and all those stars glimmering in the distance, beckoning you to come closer, to find out just what it is that lies there, potentially undiscovered that will change everything we know.

The game is flexible enough with both high and low rollers in what it can provide in stakes. The lowest limit the slot offers is $1, which may be an issue for some, but it’s not too much to spend for a spin.

On the other hand, if you want to burn through some money, ramp up the stakes and get all the way to $2500, and watch it disappear.. or watch as you score a massive win and haul off even more cash!

What We Do Not Like

The game has a special feature that is fine enough, but does not feel overtly exciting. While matching up Wilds and earning a large win thanks to them can feel amazing, the Full Reel Wild is the only special the game offers.

This is, we feel, due to the Megaways system getting in the way, and while a minor nitpick, wefeel more specials could have made it more interesting.

While the background graphics are amazing, the icons themselves leave plenty to yearn for. The game features the standard slot icons of 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, and only has four unique symbols – green, blue and red jewel that have slightly different shapes, and the Starquest logo.

While it helps make the game more easily readable to slot veterans, we feel a bit more variety wouldn’t be amiss. Outside of spinning, the slot does not feature any music. Instead, if you leave it hanging, the slot will just do an odd throbbing sound over and over, with an occasional sound effect of something passing you at high speeds.

Worth Playing?

All in all, Starquest delivers on the main front it needs to deliver – make a large, fun game with plenty of options to win and encompass a wide variety of people that can enjoy it. But the lack of exciting specials and some minor issues tend to hold it back from the pure greatness it can deliver in full.

We would give you a recommendation to try the game for yourself. In the end, you may just end up blasting off into a Starquest yourself and come home rich.

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