Try the New Sunset Delight Slot by Thunderkick

sunset-delightThunderkick have literally done it again. After Sunny Scoop they came out with almost the same slot revolving around ice-cream and delicious desserts falling from the sky.

While there is no mistake in their impeccable design, some of you might mistake Sunset Delight for its predecessor, because they even sound the same. However, we advise you to give this newbie a shot, as even though it might look like his older cousin, it might just turn out to be more exciting with its Bet Multiplier treat of up to x100.


What We Love

Is there anyone who doesn’t love ice-cream? Simple as it may be with 3×3 grid and only 5 paylines, you can’t not love the bright colours and vivid scoops splashing on top of each other in a variety of flavours. The idea is definitely entertaining, even though it won’t keep you in the game. Still, we like it when we see that developers give their best to deliver sleek and high quality design.

The real treat here is definitely the Free Spins round that comes hand in hand with the Bet Multiplier Ladder. Truth to be told, it is the only special feature here but even so we must admit that it is pretty exciting.


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The Free Spins Bonus is triggered when three Scatter wafers land in your scoops, at which point you will be granted 5 free spins. During these free spins, each spin adds three more scoops to an already existing pile, so the screen moves up and the panorama does as well. You will soon enjoy the starry sky behind the sweet ice-cream. Watch out for special wafers labeled +1 spin or +1 step, as they will add free spins and multipliers to your game.

The multipliers are collected in a wafer wheel which is carried up by balloons on the right side of your ice-cream tower. In theory, you could return your bet as many as 100 times but we don’t see that happening easily.Once the free spins have expired, you go down to collect all your winnings and add the multiplied bet to your balance.

What We Do Not Like

We believe that the developers targeted this slot at a limited audience with its basic 3×3 grid and only 5 paylines. Having this in mind we must say that the base game lacks more action, since the game is pretty volatile, which can discourage you very soon into the game. It would have been nice to see an additional paying feature or at least more Free Spins.

Worth Playing?

Following the same theme and the same soundtrack in Sunny Scoops we don’t think that those who tried it will rush to play Sunset Delight. This might be a mistake, though, because it has a slightly better design and more exciting bonus features. But even so, we are not sure that it is worth your time and money.

On paper it offers a x100 multiplier which could see you off with $10,000 but in reality you might wait forever to collect all those wafers. Perhaps Sunset Delight will attract players with its good looks but it will have a hard time keeping them.

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